Meet Barnacle

Barnacle makes foods flavored from the sea and forest. Enjoy a taste of Alaska’s wild coast.

Barnacle’s origins are inspired by the surrounding wilderness and incredible people who call it home. Our goal is to strengthen food security, and stay rooted in the seasonal traditions of growing, harvesting, and putting up food for winter.

Photo by Chris Miller


Our Vision

Enhance the long-term value of renewable, edible resources.

Our Mission

Create delicious and healthy foods using Alaskan ingredients to expand the local food economy, build community resiliency, and perpetuate stewardship of natural resources.



The Barnacle story

Barnacles embody the intertidal habitat of Alaska’s intricate coastline, making their living between the land and sea. Barnacles are unique creatures — feeding underwater with delicate outstretched fans, exposed to the atmosphere twice each day with the rhythm of the tides. Next time you’re near the ocean take a moment to admire the beauty of a barnacle.

We are happy to call Southeast Alaska’s remote archipelago our home. We live between the sea and the mountains that rise from deeply cut glacial fjords. Many of the people who call Alaska home make their living from the sea’s bounty, or enjoy the natural abundance of berries, and salmon, (and rain) that are our staples.

It’s a soggy, beautiful existence. We want to share this experience with you. 

For years, on the way back from fishing we’d stop to fill a cooler with kelp, call friends, and host a kitchen party. Knives chopping, blenders humming, fresh aromas wafting in the air. When we were done, the salsa and pickles were always unbelievably good and were gone before we knew it. Our batches grew until the cupboards overflowed with stocks of kelp salsa each summer. Today, we're sharing this local delicacy from our kitchen to yours. 



Our Process

We make foods in Alaska to keep the value chain as close to home as possible. Our business model is aimed at sustaining strong communities and stewardship of the rich coastal ecosystem.

In order for Barnacle to thrive we must support the communities around us and steward the environment our ingredients come from. 



The future is full of possibilities

We are starting with kelp.  Barnacle is excited to work with local farmers and foragers to use Alaskan ingredients in our products.