Bullwhip Kelp Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Bullwhip Kelp Hot Sauce Variety Pack

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Want a little something to go splash happy with on your favorite meals? This sampler pack features two bottles of Bullwhip Kelp & Piri Piri Hot Sauce, and one bottle of Serrano Bullwhip giving you the best of both worlds and sure to satisfy all your spicy cravings.

Both sauces are made with Alaskan bull kelp, providing depth of flavor and a delicious umami base.

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Why Kelp?

Kelp is Nutritious & Delicious

It's salty, savory, crisp, and full of vitamins, minerals, and iodine. Kelp makes foods taste richer, imparting a subtle savory flavor known as “umami”.

Dive Into Our Ingredients

You’re probably thinking, kelp? Like, seaweed? Yes!


Kelp Can Help

Learn How Kelp Does It

Alaskan Kelp
Everyday Foods

We're on a mission to do good for our oceans, communities and future.

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