About Us


We're Matt and Lia. We love to share foods flavored from the sea and forest with our family and friends — and now with you, too.

We grew up in Southeast Alaska. From the coastal bounty of salmon, seaweed, and berries we fill our cupboards every year. Bull kelp is a favorite ingredient we’ve been using for years. On the way back home from a fishing trip, we’d fill a cooler with kelp, gather our friends, and create handmade pickles and salsas in our kitchen. Over the years we experimented with new recipes, our batches grew, and the list of people we shared with grew longer.

We realized we were making something special, a taste of home that we should share with more than our friends and family. Bringing the wild flavors of coastal Alaska from our kitchen into yours. But, more than that, we want to work toward strengthening Alaska’s food system by producing tasty and nutritious products from abundant local resources. In remote and rural Southeast Alaska, we rely on our community and we want our work to help support that community. To ensure Barnacle benefits our community we will keep our business firmly rooted here.

Our first goal is to make delicious food, but we’re also conscious about using abundant and sustainable local food sources like wild kelp. By preserving kelp in the form of salsas and pickles, we are bringing this renewable resource to your kitchen year round. Thank you for your support!