There are few crops that love the soggy soils of southern Alaska, but luckily there is one who thrives. Tart, fruity, vibrant, red, rhubarb.

Alaskan Rhubarb

It’s jokingly known to thrive in every neglected garden in Alaska. Rhubarb loves low temperatures, short growing seasons, and abundant rain. And we love rhubarb!  

A homesteader favorite, rhubarb is baked into every Alaska recipe book. We source rhubarb from diverse farms who grow it beautifully under the midnight sun.

The taste of spring in Alaska’s rainforest. A hint of citrus, a delicate drop of sunlit dew after rain.


Sitka spruce tips are a coastal favorite with its bright unique flavor. 

Each spruce branch in the world’s largest temperate rainforest produces a tiny bud each spring. The bright green bud is tightly wound and harvested before it unfurls and turns dark green. Trees can be harvested each year without impacting its growth or vitality.

Wild Alaskan blueberries are known for their exceptionally high antioxidant benefits.

Alaskan Wild Blueberry

Rainforest blueberries, tart and acidic with a punch of sweet summer sunshine. Deeply blue with tongue, teeth, and finger tip staining strength.

Luckily there is enough to go around for everyone. Berries are a traditional food that has been put up for generations.

We’d love to take you for a walk and have you come pick a few berries together. These berries come from extraordinary mountain slopes where mist and fog intermingle with the summer sun to create perfect wild crops.

We partner with berry pickers throughout the Southeast Alaska archipelago who have their secret spots and must keep a lookout for Alaska’s other berry lovers, bears.