Kelpy Bloody Mary Box
Kelpy Bloody Mary Box
Kelpy Bloody Mary Box
Kelpy Bloody Mary Box

Kelpy Bloody Mary Box

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Hosting a cocktail party? Looking for a gift for that "special someone?" We've got you covered with a savory and spicy pickled garnish combo guaranteed to wow your people and their taste buds.

We've crafted a make your own Bloody Mary bar, complete with the Dill Kelp Pickles to garnish your cocktail and a tangy Popcorn Blend Kelp Saeasoning to rim your glass. Our Bullwhip Kelp Hot Sauce adds a kick of heat and a zing of fresh flavors. This kit is complete with a recipe card and is delivered to you in a handmade, branded box cut from Juneau milled wood. Wrapped and instantly giftable. 

Box contains: 

- Dill Kelp Pickles

- Bullwhip Hot Sauce

- Popcorn Blend 

- Campfire Kelp Salsa

- Recipe Card for Kelpy Bloody Mary

** Thank you for your patience with us as we transition to new packaging! The items listed will be the same on the inside but the packaging on the outside may be different from the photo listed. **

Why Kelp?

Kelp is Nutritious & Delicious

You’re probably thinking, kelp? Like, seaweed? Yes!

It's salty, savory, crisp, and full of vitamins, minerals, and iodine. Kelp makes foods taste richer, imparting a subtle savory flavor known as “umami”.

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Kelp Can Help

Kelp might be the most earth-friendly ingredient on the planet.

It absorbs carbon from the ocean and buffers the effects of ocean acidification. Kelp grows without any inputs -- it requires no land, freshwater, or fertilizer.

Learn How Kelp Does It

Alaskan Kelp
Everyday Foods

We're on a mission to do good for our oceans, communities and future.

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