Farmed Kelp

Farmed kelp is the food of the future. We are excited to introduce you to kelp’s flavor and virtues.

Regenerative Farming

Kelp farmers collect seed (spores) from nearby wild kelp and grow seaweed on highly sustainable, regenerative sea farms. The spores are outplanted on submerged ropes in the fall, then harvested in the early summer. 

Farmed kelp is a remarkable food source because it grows without any inputs. The kelp doesn’t need any fertilizer, freshwater, land, pesticides, or herbicides.

Clean ocean water, sunshine, and some hard working sea farmers is all that is needed.

Good for our Oceans

In return, the kelp absorbs carbon from the ocean helping to buffer the effects of ocean acidification. The kelp farms also provide seasonal habitat for juvenile fish and other organisms during their vulnerable spring and winter life stages.

You’re probably thinking, kelp? Like, seaweed? Yes!

Wild Harvested Kelp

In addition to farmed kelp, we use kelp carefully harvested by hand from wild kelp beds.

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