Our Origins

Born and raised in Alaska, we set out to share the flavors and stories of our coastal community

Meet the Founders

We're Matt and Lia. Born and raised in Alaska. Thereโ€™s nothing better to us than the edible wonders each season brings and coming together around food.

Once we met, our cupboards began overflowing with mason jars of preserved coastal foods. We were delighted and obsessed. Finding recipes passed down for generations, tried and perfected over time, inspired us to learn, share, and be so thankful for our home.

Stewards of the Sea

We set out to share the flavors and stories of our coast, and do it in a way that is good for the environment, our communities, and future.

Being good stewards of the sea is essential because we rely on a healthy environment and hope it will thrive for generations to come.

Our Community

Our community and environment supports us, and we strive for Barnacle to do good things for each in return.

Our goal is to keep the value of the ingredients we use local. This means all our products are made here in Alaska, by us and our small and mighty team at Barnacle Foods.

From Our Coast To Your Kitchen

Each bite gives a window into the people and breathtaking places behind these unforgettable foods. We hope you find joy in sharing these lovingly crafted Alaskan Kelp delicacies.

Why Barnacle

We are rooted to the rugged coastline and hope to build a sturdy foundation for generations to come