Wild Kelp

Harvesting wild kelp comes with a responsibility to harvest carefully and cautiously to ensure the kelp beds proliferate into the future for generations to come.

Wild Harvest Heritage

Traditional harvest of seaweeds has occurred in Alaska for millenia and is an important traditional food. It is gathered, dried, enjoyed as a nutritious food source year round.

Kelp is essential to our oceans. We make careful and deliberate decisions about how and when we harvest.

Sustainability at our Core

Each piece is cut by hand and carefully transported to maintain the highest quality. We harvest only a small amount from each wild kelp bed we visit. We map and monitor the wild kelp beds to better understand where kelp lives and thrives and the changing ocean conditions.

You’re probably thinking, kelp? Like, seaweed? Yes!

Farmed Kelp

In addition to using wild kelp, we work with Alaskan kelp farmers. We are excited to work alongside the people working hard to farm kelp in Alaskan waters and grow an incredibly sustainable and regenerative crop.

More about Kelp Farming