Kelp, like seaweed? Yes!

Richly Flavorful

Kelp is salty, savory, and crisp. Kelp makes foods taste more rich, imparting a subtle flavor known as “umami.”

Highly Nutritious

Kelp is packed with vitamins, minerals, and iodine. We like to think of it as your "ocean multivitamin." 

For the Oceans & Planet

Kelp is the future of food. It is one of the most earth-friendly ingredients on the planet. Keep reading to learn more.

By growing and eating more kelp we can help fight climate change & improve the health of our oceans.

At Barnacle we turn kelp into food, to make a brighter future for our oceans and communities.

Watch our short narrated animation to learn how kelp helps fight climate change.

Kelp grows without any inputs.

No land, freshwater, or fertilizer is required to grow kelp. Plus, it serves as a carbon sink, buffering the effects of ocean acidification. 

From the pure ocean waters of Alaska, our kelp is carefully hand-harvested from healthy wild kelp beds and ocean farms.

Kelp farming and harvesting offers a way to fight climate change while also supplying us with nutrient dense foods.

Alaskan Wild Kelp

Kelp is essential to our oceans. We make careful and deliberate decisions about how and when we harvest. With the harvesting of wild kelp comes a responsibility to do so carefully and cautiously to ensure the kelp beds proliferate into the future.

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Alaskan Farmed Kelp

Kelp farmers collect seed from nearby wild kelp and grow seaweed on highly sustainable, regenerative sea farms. Clean ocean water, sunshine, and some hard working sea farmers is all that is needed to grow this delicious crop.

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Why are there holes in our kelp pickles?

We use bull kelp, one of the most delicious, versatile, and abundant seaweeds along Alaska's pristine coastline.

Bull kelp has delicate leafy fronds and a crisp stipe that impart deep savory flavors.