Shipping FAQs

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Our products are heavy, fragile, and have to travel all the way from Alaska! We do our best to keep shipping prices affordable. Larger orders are much more cost effective than small ones, but we know that shipping prices can be a huge barrier to making a purchase. If the cost of shipping is still giving you second thoughts, check out our free shipping bundles

Yes, we DO! Shipping rates can be prohibitively expensive for international shipping, but we are more than willing to send you some goodies if you are willing to pay. In our experience, the costs often equal or exceed the cost of the goods you are ordering. To make an order for international shipping, contact with you shipping address and a list of products you'd like to order.

We have a handy store locator on our website, you can find it here. Not all stores carry our entire product line. The best way to find out if a store has the product you are looking for is to give them a call.

Our pickles are in limited supply and are only available through our online store. You’re already halfway there, just click this link

Some of our products are only made in small batches due to scarcity of fresh ingredients, high levels of labor required, or expansive time between preparation and release. If you’d like to make sure you catch the next release, you can stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletter here!

We cannot accept returns for our food products. You can read our full return policy here.

We take care to package our products as safely as we can, but accidents still happen. In the unfortunate case that your products arrive damage, please get in touch with our support team and we’ll make it right.

We take all major credit/debit cards, Apple pay, Google pay, and facebook pay. We do not accept Paypal or Venmo.

Kelp & Nutrition FAQs

Curious about kelp?

Our kelp salsa, bullwhip hot sauce, kelp pow, kelp pinch, popcorn seasoning, and everything seasoning are vegan. Our kelp pickles, jams and jellies, and sweet & smokey seasoning contain non-GMO white sugar, which is refined with bone-char – so even though sugar is not directly an animal product, it is not technically vegan.

Our kelp is sourced from the Alaskan coast. We don’t add shellfish to our products, but we can’t guarantee that anything from the ocean hasn’t been in contact with shellfish or doesn’t have trace amounts of shellfish in it. Please consult your doctor if you suffer from severe shellfish allergies.

It’s packed full of nutrients, we like to think of it as your ocean multivitamin.

General FAQs

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Stewardship of our ocean and coastlines is of utmost importance to us at Barnacle Foods. Read more about our harvesting practices here.

All of our unopened products are shelf stable – keep them with your other canned/preserved foods. Our seasonings can be kept out indefinitely, all of our other products must be refrigerated after opening or risk spoilage. 

We want you to apply! You can find all of our available job postings here