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Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Written By - December 04 2018

You Probably Weren't Expecting Kelp to Taste Like This

Written By David Landsel for Food & Wine - October 30 2017

Juneau Offers a Foodie’s Paradise Amid Alaska’s Cloistered Capital City

Written By Eric Althoff for Washington Times - October 03 2017

Will Americans Ever Become Ethical Buyers? This State is Betting on it.

Written By Nick Fouriezos for OZY - August 16 2017

Harvesting Alaska: Southeast couple turns kelp into cash

Written By KTVA - July 31 2017

Startup Week 2017: Alaska Ocean Cluster Initiative

Written By Joel Cladouhos for Alaska Journal of Commerce - July 21 2017

Farming Alaska’s seas

Written By Bethany Goodrich for Alaska Dispatch News - July 10 2017

Alaska's Growing Kelp Industry Helps Drive Sea-To-Table Movement

Written By Elizabeth Jenkins for NPR - March 30 2017