Kelp & Cayenne Chocolate Bar

Kelp & Cayenne Chocolate Bar

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Velvety smooth chocolate made at the base of Alaska's Chugach Mountains, by our friends at Chugach Chocolates. Dried bull kelp fronds from Southeast Alaska's rugged coast and a hint of cayenne pepper combine for taste bud bliss. Balanced chocolate richness with salty kelp, and just the right hint of spice. How often can you get your ocean vitamin fix while enjoying something so dangerously delicious?

Why Kelp?

Kelp is Nutritious & Delicious

You’re probably thinking, kelp? Like, seaweed? Yes!

It's salty, savory, crisp, and full of vitamins, minerals, and iodine. Kelp makes foods taste richer, imparting a subtle savory flavor known as “umami”.

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Kelp Can Help

Kelp might be the most earth-friendly ingredient on the planet.

It absorbs carbon from the ocean and buffers the effects of ocean acidification. Kelp grows without any inputs -- it requires no land, freshwater, or fertilizer.

Learn How Kelp Does It

Alaskan Kelp
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We're on a mission to do good for our oceans, communities and future.

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